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  • I got married towards the end of 2013 and we decided to wait a year to understand how sex works before having babies. By January 2015, we were ready and the many questions and comments from the “womb watchers” was beginning to put pressure on me. In December 2015, we decided to go for fertility tests just to confirm all was well and the reports spelt doom. I initially discarded the report and believed that there was an error somewhere.

    Fast forward to 2017, I still wasn’t pregnant and I was not handling the pressure well. We decided to try fertility treatments which fell flat. We were devastated! It was then we decided to take a step back and go back to God’s word and just rest there. Truth be told, we found peace we could not understand or explain. I decided to take my eyes off this desire to be pregnant and focus on other things God has blessed me with. I always say 2017 taught me SURRENDER. I entered 2018 happy, content and ready to live life to the fullest. I attended the ABL retreat in January 2018. During the prayers we had on the last day, I specifically asked God for my baby to come in His own time and I dropped the matter there.

    Amazingly, we welcomed our son exactly nine months later! Isn’t our God full of humor?! My pregnancy was amazing! I enjoyed it!!! I did not vomit once and was too excited to be sick. I was glowing and able to take on and handle a new job in the process. God took care of us and provided for our every need. I look back now and there couldn’t have been a better time. God’s time is truly the best! He graced my journey with supernatural help and favour and always sent help at each point in time.

    God blew my mind o! I am grateful for the waiting room and my journey so far, it has taught me a few things:
    1. The bible is complete…find your situation in it and hold on to God’s promises concerning your situation. Although it tarries, wait for it and ENJOY the wait.
    2. God hears the littlest of prayers...Mrs Nwani and ABL fellowship is an answer to one of my prayers. In 2016, when I was beginning to lose it, I asked God to lead me to an older, godly woman who has been there and could mentor and share life with me … and He gave me the complete package!
    3. Share your testimony…it comforts and builds the faith of others.
    4. God is not partial. Believe that if God can do it for one, I will TRUST Him with mine. 5. Guard your heart from strife and bitterness…don’t give place to it. Avoid anything that will lead to unforgiveness and check your heart regularly. 6. Above all, seek God with your whole heart, not because of what you can or will get but seek His heart. Yearn for a deeper relationship with Him….His love is deeper than what we can ever imagine or ask for…try God! To everyone in one waiting season or the other… God loves you for sure… I know it, have experienced it and pray that you experience it too. God bless you.


  • My life has changed forever, thanks to the words of wisdom i have heard since attending A Beautiful Life's Programme. Glory To God
    Gloria Ahameze
  • My marital life has been transformed through being mentored by these awesome mentors.
    Abiola Jaiyeoba
  • After my Mandela Washington Fellowship (A fully funded initiative of the US Government where young aspiring leaders are trained in the US), I started my Haske Zobo Enterprise, with the aim of producing a nourishing drink, as well as using part of the profit to provide water for vulnerable communities. The major challenge i was faced with was lack of funds.

    However, i started, albeit very small. My Friend, Tola Oni, sent me the link to apply for A Beautiful Life Mentorship Program and i did. I prayed to God for a favourable outcome. I was very excited when i was invited to pitch. There were five of us, and i was the last person to pitch. Finally, the audience voted in favour of me and that was how i was given N300,000 to scale up. I did not pay a dime to obtain any form.

    I was so happy and tears of joy flowed down my cheeks, one moment i did not have capital, the next moment i had N300,000 for my business! God is truly a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
    This was all i was contemplating on, i was given capital and useful comments to improve my Zobo business. I quickly paid for a training on drink preservation, and bought ingredients in bulk with the money given to me. I began aggressive adverts on social media, to make the best of the festive period. I got orders from outside Lagos as far as Anambr and Abuja. The drinks were delivered in good condition.
    Thank you Mrs Kehinde Nwani, you are an answered prayer. Thanks to everyone that attended that life changing event. I am filled with joy and gratitude.

    Chibuzor Azubuike
  • The message of ABL is very unique and it is powerful because it talks about diversity in purpose and it validates the fact that a woman can have different dreams and achieve them all.

    This Foundation message of ABL has indeed helped me to maximize my potential in different spheres. The fact that i have been taught that as a woman i have five purposes has helped me not only to broaden my perspective but also strive to concurrently achieve in all these areas and i'm grateful to God for the fruits that have begun to show.

    Thank you my mentor, Mrs Kenny Nwani for God has used you to change my thinking and improve my life

    Deinma Medahunsi
  • My life and business have experienced great changes since i had an encounter with ABL, I am very grateful for all ABL has done for me and i would love to stand as a testament to encourage others.
    Sandra Ogbuso

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