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My mother in-law hates me.

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My mother in-law hates me. I am pregnant with my first child, and she doesn’t call to ask how I am doing. She calls her son, but won’t ask to speak to me. I wonder what I have done to her. Should I confront her? I am confused. Please HELP!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy I pray God’s hand continue to rest upon you and your baby ijn. You don’t know what your mother in law is dealing with in her life right now, however you should ask God Almighty to help you to forgive her, and to give you wisdom on what to do. Then take action! Go and surprise her with a visit and take a gift with you.

Something that you know she likes, it doesn’t have to be expensive.   After that don’t wait for her to call you, you call her at least once a week, find out how she is doing. What you are doing is sowing a seed and I can assure you God will bless you and turn her heart towards you. Remember one day you will be a mother in law and you will harvest a good seed IJN.

This action will even cause you to have more favour with your husband.

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What makes you say that your mother in law hates you? Confronting her could easily make matters worse!

Are you all alone with no other friends or relatives around to support you and check on your welfare? Develop a support network for yourself. Have you discussed your concerns with your husband? Does he understand the way you feel and is he supportive? Share your feelings with him and exchange ideas to rectify the situation.

Be strong and turn this on its head. What would happen if you called your mother in law and asked how she is? Try sending her something; something small that she’d appreciate – try and show your real character and win her over. When she calls to speak to her son, let him know you’d like to say hello to her when he’s done. How about discussing some baby planning with her?

She will soon realise that she has a lovely daughter in law!

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You are a wife and mother to be! Congrats! However marriage also comes with responsibility. One belief I have is, when people join a new family, company, choir, office in fact any group, such a person MUST make an effort to fit in.

This does not take away the responsibility of the group members from reaching out but the Bible says, he who wants a friend must show himself friendly – Prov 18 v 24. The onus lies on you, with the help of your husband to reach out to your mother in law. The truth is fighting with your mother in law is a battle you will never win.

The price you pay when you do not try to build a cordial relationship with your mum in law is just too high. It’s not worth it. If you try all you can and your attempts are rebuffed – hold your peace and keep praying.

Be respectful at all times, be nice and humble. The hearts of kings and princes are in the hands of the Lord, like waves of water, He turns wherever He wishes.

God will see your humility and your desire to be godly in your behaviour and he will lift you up.

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