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I have been out of work for so long

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I have been out of work for so long, (it’s been about 10 years) because my husband has not allowed me to work. Now, all my children are in school, and I am tired of begging for every dime, I need some financial independence. Is it too late for me to go back to working in the corporate sector? If it isn’t, how can I get back in?

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My question for you is, what do you really enjoy doing? What is your passion? I believe this might be an opportunity for you to do something new and something different that will bring you a good income and fulfilment.

I will advise you to set some time apart to fast and pray and ask God to reveal to you what he has in store for you, he might even connect you to helpers of destiny that will mentor you in your chosen field. You might even need to go back to school to relearn and guess what? It might be the best season of your life.

Well done for your patience, it is not easy having to ask for money all the time, but please remain humble, remember there are some skills you have developed during this time that you will need in the future.

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Even though 10 years is a long time out of the corporate world, it’s not impossible to return with some professional development in your specialty.

Are there some short update courses you can do to improve your knowledge and boost your confidence?

Can you arrange some ‘work shadowing’ for possibly a month to re-familiarize yourself with current practices, information systems and technology?

What is the reason for your husband not wanting you to work?

You need to unpick this, e.g. if it was over concerns for the children, you will need to allay his fears and reassure him that the children’s welfare is clearly your top priority, which will not suffer with you in paid employment.

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It is never too late:

1. You need to sharpen your skills through professional training and development courses

2. Update your CV

3. Consider volunteering in the area you will like to work if nothing comes up soon enough

4. While you are looking you can start a little business at home, who knows where this could lead to?

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